Saint Alexey

Metropolitain of Moscow
AD 1293-1378 (new calendar)

February 25 (February 12 old calendar)

SAINT ALEXIS WAS A GREAT HIERARCH of the Russian Church in a difficult period of Tartar oppression of the Russian people. Once in childhood he went bird-hunting, then went to sleep and in a dream heard a voice that said: "Alexis, why do you rush around hunting for birds so fruitlessly? I will teach you to catch men!" He became a monk at the age of twenty, and in time became Metropolitan of Moscow. He twice went among the 'Golden Horde' of the Tartars, once to soothe the wrath of Verdevir Khan against the Russian people, and the second time at the invitation of Amurat Khan, to cure his wife's blindness. This woman had been blind for three years but was healed and her vision restored when St. Alexis prayed and anointed her with holy water. After a life of great endeavor and fruitfulness, St. Alexis entered into rest in 1378 at the age of 85 and went to the court of the Lord.

Troparion, Tone 4:

We glorify God with fitting praises/ as we celebrate the memory of the guardian of apostolic dogmas,/ the shepherd and teacher, the blessed and holy Hierarch Alexis:/ for God has given us His servant who pours forth healings like a gushing spring/ and is the praise and support of Moscow.

Kontakion, Tone 8

All you people who faithfully sing to Christ's divine, most holy Hierarch and new wonderworker Alexis,/ let us greet him with love as a great shepherd and minister, as a most wise teacher of Russia./ Let us who are gathered today in his memory joyously cry out in song:/ In thy boldness before God deliver us from affliction,/ that we may cry to thee: Rejoice, support of Moscow.