Synodal Statement regarding the

Faith and Discipline of the

Ecumenical Orthodox Catholic Church


A. We, the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Orthodox Catholic Church, do hereby confess that it is the indisputable faith and most strictly required belief and teaching of the Church and all of our clergy and faithful:

    1. Abortion is homicide in all cases. Human life begins at the moment of conception. Abortion for the sake of convenience is barbarous and wanton murder.

    2. Homicides by euthanasia, war, and assisted suicide are all sins against God's commandment not to kill; the degree of suffering, the emotional and physical pain involved, any number of compelling circumstances, do not change the fact that we are forbidden to take a human life.

    3. All behaviors, such as prejudice and pollution, which oppose Almighty God's Creation, which seek to destroy the natural relationship of earth and man in a family created according to God's plan - which behaviors also include gender-hating (misandry and misogyny), racial intolerance, and willful apathy - all such behaviors are sinful and are worthy of condemnation.

B. We hereby further declare, with respect to discipline and to relations with other religious bodies: