Orthodox Benedictine Monastics

Orthodox (ORTH-u-docks): Right belief, right worship. Of that Church founded by Jesus, holding to the canons of the seven Ecumenical Councils.

Benedictine (ben-u-DIK-teen): Of the Order formed by St. Benedict of Nursia in A.D.480. A follower of the Rule established by St. Benedict.

Monastic (mun-AS-tik): A Brother or Sister living in or attached to a community.

The Orthodox Benedictine Monastics are a people called out from this world to live, in community or as solitaries, the fullness of the Rule of St. Benedict. Unlike Canons, Monastics forgo the raising of normal families to be able to include all of their community as their "family." Thus they live lives of celibacy. Their vow of Stability is directed toward the house of their profession, rather than the Order as a whole.

The front line troops of the Lord. The few. The humble. The Monastics.
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